Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day With Succulents

     What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with eco-friendly succulents? These plants are not only trendy and so So-Cal Chic, but are eco-friendly and super easy to take care of. Even those of you who think the green thumb gene skipped right over you will be amazed at how well your succulents will do.

Some Tips and Care Instructions:

Watering: The universal rule of watering any plant: the higher the light level and temperature and the less humid, the more often watering is required. In simpler terms, the hotter and drier: the more frequent you need to water. For our LA weather, we suggest starting off with about a shot-glass of water once a week. You can change the frequency according to how hot and dry the weather has been. TIP: Make sure to water all around the plant and not just one corner. 

Light: Succulents love love love sunlight. Put them inside or outside anywhere they can get direct sunlight. TIP: If you don't get direct sunlight but still want a succulent, don't worry. Just make sure to put them outside under direct sunlight once a week.

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